Section Two: Software to Support Evaluation

 Section Two: Software to compliment Assessment Composition

п»їElena Manley


June 15, 2014

Hallie Starr

Draft of Section Four: Software to compliment Assessment

Using software to support assessment in the classroom is important for all educators. Checks are used to simply by educators to document pupil success. According to Yarnall, Shechtman, & Penuel (2006) assessments are more comfortable with gain insight on students' prior expertise, track a students' progress, and help identify student uncertainty. Yarnall ou al. (2006) explains that educators are expected to show evidence of student progress and procedure over time and assessments can help with this process. Tests allow teachers to creatively show all their students exactly where progress continues to be made and where they may need further improvement. This kind of essay will take a look at ways technology can assess scholar learning, the pros and disadvantages of employing technology to assess students, the between conformative and summative assessment, and if technology ought to be the only use for assess college student learning. Electronic digital portfolios can be one method of assessment that documents student learning. According to Wickersham and Rooms (2006) digital portfolios is actually a collection of college student work that provides response and feedback among teachers and students that is certainly all web-affiliated. Computers may play a role in electronic digital portfolios since all job is salvaged and finished through the use of personal computers. Assessments that offer feedback is vital to aiding students observe where they need improvement. Wickersham and Chambers (2006) likewise explains just how electronic portfolios allow students to be engaged in their personal assessment. Wickersham and Rooms (2006) says it provides pupils with possession and responsibility over their very own learning. Rastgoo and Namvar (2010) make clear that on the web assessments through technology such as electronic portfolios, online self-assessments, and peer assessments every provide a practical means for saving both efficiency and pondering process info. There are advantages and...

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