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SABMiller in Cina

A Case Study on Global Market Access Strategies

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SABMiller, the company created when South African Breweries (SAB) PLC bought the Miller Brewery unit of Philip Morris in 2002, is the planet's third largest brewer. Prior to the acquisition, SAB is already functioning more than 75 breweries in 24 countries, most of them inside the developing countries of Central and Asian Europe; and Miller, alternatively, has 9 breweries in the usa. The new firm is seeking to establish some of its brands in the marketplaces where it includes no presence before the purchase: Miller brands in European countries, and SAB brands in the us. The company is usually facing lots of competition with Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world's largest brewer. The corporation has globally established brands like Heineken, Amstel, and Guinness; and SABMiller is designed for its brands to achieve the same global status. The two businesses are making strategic investments in Cina, the largest ale market on the globe with annual sales of $6 billion dollars. -------------------------------------------------


What foreign entrance strategies should certainly SABMiller use in order toВ (1) IntroduceВ Pilsner Urquell and Tyskie in the United States, and Miller Real Draft in Eastern European countries; and (2) Penetrate the Chinese ale market? -------------------------------------------------


In deciding what strategy to use in presenting the SABMiller brands in to new markets, these details should be taken into consideration: 1 . Brand Positioning

SABMiller wishes to generate Pilsner Urquell into a national brand in the usa, eventually ultimately causing the position of a high grade global company that will rival Heineken. The company also hopes to successfully launch Miller Legitimate Draft being a premium global brand in Eastern European countries. With those inside mind, one can possibly expect that there will be an enormous launch...

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