Task Satisfaction

 Job Pleasure Essay


1 . Title1

2 . Study Background1

a few. Literature Review3

3. 1About MFM Eating places in Kuala Lumpur3

a few. 2Job Pleasure Definition4

three or more. 2 Elements influence to level of task satisfaction5

several. 2 . 1Leadership Style6

3. 2 . 2Compensation8

3. 2 . 3Work-life Balance9

3. 3Why job pleasure is important? on the lookout for

3. 4Research framework12

four. Problem statement12

5. Research Objective13

6. Research Methodologies14

6. 1Research Tasks14

six. 2Study human population and testing. 14

6th. 3Data collection14

6. 4Data processing15

Survey Questionnaires16


1 . Name

A study of things influences worker job fulfillment in New york Fish Market Restaurants, Kuala Lumpur. 2 . Research Backdrop

The food sector is broad and diverse with regards to products, types of service provided and also size of business. However , the organizations within it talk about the common attributes. The sector is referred to as " people business”. This refers both equally employees who produce product or service and the buyers who purchase and take in the products. Besides that, certain requirements for recruiting in this sector vary will depend on knowledge, skill, experience as well as the ability to develop the products and services which will meet and satisfy the customer's expectation. Furthermore, in order for an organization to meet and satisfy its customers' requirement, it needs to achieve high level of job satisfaction among it is employees who help to generate good in order to the customers. Therefore , employee satisfaction has become a main factor which has to be concerned for the most part by many companies. On the other hand, businesses in food tend to be labor-intensive. This leads to many organizations happen to be facing to labor-shortage and it becomes the greatest challenge in hospitality sector (Ninemeier, T. 2009). However, very high staff turnover rate in the industry typically caused by inadequate number of person desiring to work as well as perceive low job satisfaction. As a result, there are a large number of staff satisfaction studies which have been created by industrial frontrunners as well as company management, to be able to minimize human resources issues within the industry. Though organizations within the industry reveal the common factors which influence job satisfaction, the level of worker satisfaction is different from one restaurant chain firm to another. Besides that, you will discover variety volume of discussions about this topic have already been done by a large number of industrial specialists; and each debate studies the situation on various hotel businesses from various countries and regions. However , there noesn't need any study on employee satisfaction toward Manhattan Fish Market (MFM) Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. In addition , the restaurant string often the large scale of recruitment vary from management to entry situation (Faizal, 2013). This indicates that the restaurant string is facing to excessive labor turnover which often due to low level of job pleasure as mentioned previously. Therefore , this kind of research will be done in in an attempt to demonstrate which will reasons bring about low level of employee fulfillment toward MFM Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur.

3. Books Review

some. 1 About MFM Eating places in Kuala Lumpur

The Manhattan Fish Market is proven in 2002 by a group of young entrepreneurs from a business that was trademarked and registered in Malaysia, MFM restaurants Sdn Bhd. The first outlet in Malaysia was first showed in Mid Valley Megamall and it has gone onto achieve remarkable success since that time. Later on, the company move forward by providing franchising in order to whom want business in catering sector. To date, MFM has currently nineteen stores in Malaysia, five in Singapore, two in Thailand and one out of Jeddah, Arab saudi (Manhattan Fish Market, 2012). According to Mr. Atan, the Assistant Manager of MFM Pavilion...

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