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 BUSN115 W5 Homework Record Template Dissertation

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BUSN115 Introduction to Business and Technology

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Lemonade Stand Informal Business Report


In this section, provide a simple introduction to the lemonade stand to provide a potential investor with necessary history material. Your introduction ought to indicate your subject or purpose and why it is crucial. You might summarize some of the main points you identified in Part I of this task. BRANDING TECHNIQUE

In Part My spouse and i, you determined part of the company when you produced your prices strategy. Continue with the other parts of the promoting mix (place, promotion, and product), and discuss how the lemonade stand should be top quality utilizing this kind of marketing blend this section. Bring up Chapter 13 to support your points, and compose the response in complete paragraphs with APA citations exactly where applicable. With this section and sections by which research is integrated, please maintain your following in mind: An in-text citation uses the following file format: (Author's last name, year). It should appear towards the end of the sentence in your essay in which data gathered through your text shows up. Be sure to place quotation represents around virtually any material that comes word for word from your origin. When straight quoting, you must also include the site number inside your in-text quotation: (Author's last-name, year, l. #). The following is an example: (Williams & Tollet, 2008, l. 49). POSSIBILITIES FOR NEW LOCATIONS

The stand in town has been very successful and then you�re considering broadening operations. To do so , you will need to outline a lot of criteria intended for potential new locations through this section. Reference point Chapter 12-15 for support, and create your response in full sentences with APA citations where relevant. PROMOTION PLANS

You have a $ 12, 000 price range to promote your stand in the neighborhood community. Make sure you outline several ways you might promote this kind of business (please include costs...

References: Your reference page should list full sources of any sources used in the business survey. Please list them in alphabetical order and stick to APA recommendations for format. The structure for a book with multiple editions (such as your textbook) appears the following.

First author's last name, Initially initial. & Second author's last name, Initial initial. (publication year). Name of

book in italics (edition number). Publishing city, express: Publisher identity.


Williams, R., & Tollet, J. (2008). The non-designer's net book (3rd ed. ). Berkeley, CA: Peachpit.

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