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Rafael Gimesltein

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Examination Date/s

The assessment task is due within the date particular by your assessor. Any different versions to this arrangement must be accepted in writing because of your assessor. Post this file with virtually any required evidence attached. Discover specifications beneath for specifics. Performance target

You must be able to create a basic business notice.

Assessment information

Using the Dinosaurs R Us business page template and elegance guide, make a letter that informs the Dinosaurs 3rd there�s r Us consumers of the office closure date ranges for the summertime holidays. Method

1 . Strategy – complete the planning register for this doc 2 . Draft – prepare a draft with the letter

three or more. Review – mark the draft file

4. Last – Write the completed letter and send to your facilitator


You must provide:

The completed notice

A marked up draft edition of the page

A completed planning checklist (template attached)

Your assessor will be looking for:

Writing design that contains very good grammar

Notice is spell checked

Notification is authored appropriately for the audience

The necessary elements will be included (date, salutation, etc)

Letter is usually provided upon company letterhead

Letter complies with company (Dinosaurs R Us) design guide (see Appendix 5 of your Student Workbook pertaining to the style guide)

Planning Register

Planning component

Your strategy


Who will receive your document? Why?

Dinosaurs L Us Customers

- office closure


Precisely what is the purpose of your document?



When your document become short, lengthy, have bullet points? Can it require persuasive/abrupt language? Brief

Bullet point

Persuasive language


When your document always be written in Word, Exceed, PowerPoint, and so on? Why?


-preferable file format

Key points

What key points need to be in the document and why?

Web page

-Can save to deal with amounts of conventional paper or electric attachments to a email Organisational Protocols

What protocols should you take into account? Discover style information in student guide bout. - The 'Dinosaurs ur Us' company logo

- A subject line in bold structure, setting out the main topic of the letter - To start a date, which should be the date where the page was agreed upon and dispatched

Dinosaurs R Us Pty Ltd

417 Juddrassic Side of the road, Speelberg 9001

Dear: Dinosaurs R All of us Customers

With regards to summer getaway the office box

We would like to remind you about our summer vacation. The production will be closed among 21th January and fifteenth January 2015, the office will be closed via 23th till 8th January 2015 You should remember the break when planning your plans and positioning orders.

Always be so kind and place the orders quickly, so we can ensure the wanted delivery time.

More details about the office closure please visit our website [email protected] com. au

Yours seriously

Kyunghee Han

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